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“I am very pleased with the staff of STAR Physical Therapy. The staff is swift and thorough in accessing our patients requiring therapy for acute or chronic disease states. I also like the swift receipt of written assessments as well as the flexibility in patient scheduling.”
JUANITA ALEXANDER-SALLIER, PA from Valentine Medical Center
“I like coming to STAR Physical Therapy because I feel its helped me. My legs are getting stronger. I like the staff here, they are very professional and know what they are doing. They listen to you, and if you experience pain, they take it easier on you. Kristen is my favorite. She is very professional and kind.”
“After numerous wrong diagnoses by my doctors, Rachel (at STAR Physical Therapy) was able to correctly diagnose and treat my back pain. It has since disappeared and has never returned!”
Frank S.
“What a gift from God (you) have been to me for this short season of my life! I came in physically hurting, and I am leaving ready to tackle the world for the next phase of my life…”
Suzanne B.
My name is Norman(almost 80) and I would like to tell you my story.
On or about May 1st, 2016 I was having back pain. My primary care physician sent me to a pain management physician. He sent me for an MRI and Determined that I needed an epidural. Several weeks after the epidural I was still in pain. I received another epidural that did not help either. The follow up appointment was with a physician’s assistant. He recommended a test to see if I needed to have a nerves block. I went immediately to star Physical Therapy, where I met Jeff Reeves. I liked the facility and what Jeff had to say. Long story short. After Only % treatments Jeff had me back on my feet and with virtually no pain. Jeff released me with the understanding I would continue exercise. At that time I join Star Gym and have been working out for about 2 weeks. The pain is now manageable. I am sore form working out but I LOVE IT. As a young man I worked out a lot but took a 55 year vacation. Now I am having fun trying to find that old well built guy I used to be.”
“I started on December 7th at the Slidell STAR & needed help getting up out of my wheelchair. I have attended therapy the past few months & now I’m able to walk by myself with a walker. Everyone is as sweet as they can be & I cannot say enough good things about this place. They have encouraged me in every way & motivated me to want to do more. I never thought I would walk again & their help exceeded my expectations. Everyone here is so wonderful & I can’t thank them enough. I am starting their STAYSTRONG Program next week to keep up my strength and balance.”
Brenda Smith