Billing Questions:

Q: Why am I just receiving a bill?

A: We do not bill our patients until the claims have been processed by the insurance company, so our patients aren’t over charged.

Q: I paid my last bill.  Why am I getting the same one?

A: Depending on the date you sent in the payment, the bill and payment may have crossed paths in the mail.

Q: Why do I still have a bill if I paid my last bill in full ?

A: Insurance companies don’t processes all your dates of service all at once.  They process them as they come in. If the last bill was paid in full and you are receiving a new bill with different dates of service, it’s because the insurance company has just processed  those dates.

We also call on the patients insurance as a courtesy, and we love doing it because that’s part of making it easier for our patients to get in and out without any issues.