New Year Pre-Workout Checkup Program

This could be the year! 2017 is your chance to get back into the best shape of your life!! It’s exciting. The prospect of losing inches, gaining muscle, fitting in clothes again and maybe, just maybe…getting into a swimsuit!

“Just do it”, right?

Hold on, not so fast.

Far too many people jump into exercise programs with the best of intentions, only to find themselves suffering unhealthy joint or muscle pain after a couple of weeks. They sadly resign themselves to “I guess working out is just not for me.” And sentence themselves to a life of gradually increasing weight.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Most potential joint or muscle problems can be identified before you start.

Our physical therapists are trained in identifying physical problems before they become significant. Maybe even before you are aware that you have them.

In a brief evaluation, we will assess your biomechanics and determine if you have underlying problems that will threaten your exercise success. Frequently we can simply give you some stretches that can keep you healthy while you get back in shape.

So call one of our clinics to schedule your evaluation. If all is well, you can walk out ready to take on the gym. Let’s feel great in 2017!